Yoga One to One

One to one is probably the most effective way to learn yoga.

Free 1/2 hour consultation to see how yoga can work best for you. (This can be done by phone)


The aim of yoga one to one is to practice the ideal yoga for each individual! The beauty of the one to one yoga method is that it enables every individual to be treated in exactly the right way for them. This is called “Viniyoga” or correct application of yoga, viniyoga is what makes individualised yoga classes so beneficial.


Finding the perfect yoga practice for you

In a session we will talk through your case and establish your needs and preferences. Taking into consideration your history and circumstances we set about finding the ideal yoga practice for you. The practice is perfected together, and then can be done at home. You will usually take away a personalized daily yoga program on paper. It will be clearly illustrated with drawings of the exercises and some simple instructions.


A life enhancing practice in twenty minutes a day

A regular daily practice is the cornerstone of yoga. A yoga practice every day sustained over time is far more effective than longer yoga practices done now and again. Of course, longer yoga practices can yield more powerful results, done regularly. A life enhancing practice can take as little as 20 minutes a day. Your yoga practice will be fitted to suit your current situation. Over time we can alter the yoga practice and progress step by step towards your goals. A daily yoga practice is a wonderful, life affirming and enriching experience! I find that yoga helps me to handle life's challenges, I believe I also appreciate and enjoy the opportunities life presents more deeply thanks to the teachings of Krishnamacharya, and regular yoga practice!


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Practice, independently

To begin with some people may need some extra motivation, - some may feel unable to practice alone consistently. Please don’t worry: There are well tested strategies to deal with this common problem. Also, we can meet more regularly at first to get you into the habit of yoga practice -much like having a personal trainer. In time yoga will be self-empowering. You will be taught the necessary skills and empowered to do your own practice independently.


Wider health
A yoga practice develops according to a plan. It progresses in steps, and will be constantly refined and reassessed over time. In this way we can improve fitness and wider health, but also address specific health matters and injuries. Yoga done in this way, will help to heal lifestyle issues, practical and psychological problems. The solutions offered to these problems are based on teachings found in the yoga scriptures and alive in this rich tradition of teachers, through our experience, insight and intuition. There is a supportive network of other highly experienced teachers who are applying yoga in this way. If necessary, I can consult with other teachers, like my teacher Paul Harvey, or Sylviane Gianina. We can receive support and additional confirmation if yours is a complicated case, that I am developing the right yoga practice for you.

Nutritional advice is also available, based on yogic / ayurvedic diet.
You can also be guided in gentle cleansing and fasting.
Breathing exercises (pranayama), and meditation etc. are taught.

Teachings on the mind and spirit, ethics and philosophy, are central to yoga and can be included in your sessions. We can also go into these in depth, if this is your interest.

Yoga can be seen as a path to fully realize ourselves: Heal ourselves and perhaps help those around us. We can practice ways to live from the heart; stabilise our energies; live more openly; be better balanced; more centred; happier, healthier and more at ease. Yoga can help us to be better integrated and feel whole. Yoga will certainly help you to achieve more of your potential.


I endeavour to act with the greatest care and sensitivity, and with the very best intentions and provisions for your well-being. Over time, it is possible to develop a rapport with trust and understanding. Of course, I will maintain complete confidentiality. Like any professional therapist I promise to be bound by strict ethical constraints. Our code of conduct is embedded in the yoga sutras, in Yama and Niyama.




Cost and directions

One-to-one yoga sessions in East Finchley

£60 per hour, (clients visit here)
£225 in advance for a booking of five hours
£350 in advance for ten hours of sessions

(to be used within 12 months. )

Some people meet for an hour a month; some once a week; a yoga program can be worked out whatever your finances and commitments allow. At first, more frequent visits get you off to a good start. The average is to meet every three weeks.

In some cases, where finances are unavailable, rates will be reduced as necessary.

If you are unable to attend a yoga sesion, please give me as much notice as possible.   Unfortunately, if I don't receive at least 24 hours notice by phone, you will be expected to pay for the session. (N.B. I may not check my email every day.)

One to one yoga sessions

are held at 32 Oakview Gardens, LONDON N2 0NJ


Tube to East Finchley Station, and 5 Minutes walk

Free parking is available

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